UT Classic Map Pack, Volume 1

8 May 2017

A collection of classic Unreal 1 deathmatch levels, modified to work properly in Unreal Tournament.

This collection of classic Unreal 1 deathmatch levels contains the following maps:

  • DMU-Ariza by Myscha
  • DMU-Athena by VerMoorD
  • DMU-BayC by Myscha
  • DMU-Creek by CliffyB
  • DMU-Curse by CliffyB
  • DMU-Cybrosis by Alan Willard
  • DMU-Daybreak by Nivlek
  • DMU-Deathfan by Myscha
  • DMU-Deck16 by Myscha
  • DMU-Elsinore by CliffyB
  • DMU-Fith by CliffyB
  • DMU-Hazard by VerMoorD
  • DMU-HealPod by CliffyB
  • DMU-Krazy by Shane
  • DMU-Letting by Myscha
  • DMU-Loxi by CliffyB
  • DMU-Mojo by CliffyB
  • DMU-Morbias by Myscha
  • DMU-Radikus by Shane
  • DMU-Shrapnel by CliffyB
  • DMU-Stomp by Warren Marshall
  • DMU-SunSpeak by Nivlek
  • DMU-Terra by Nivlek
  • DMU-Tundra by Myscha
  • DMU-Twilight by Jeremy War and CliffyB

Packaged by Hellscrag2002. More info here.

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