Excessive Unreal Pawns: Volume 1

30 Jul 2017

A small collection of new pawns by JPZ, with attacks and effects based on existing EXU 2 assets and AI.

This small collection of scripted pawns adds a variety of new, challenging enemies with all the visual bells and whistles you can normally expect from Excessive Unreal 2: BI. Get ready to face three new families of enemies:

Bio Burster

Bloated, infected zombie-like enemies with a simple but deadly attack strategy: charge an enemy and detonate on impact, creating a cloud of poisonous gas in their wake.

Phase Entities

A subset of enemies that use teleportation technology to their advantage during combat. You’ll need eyes in the back of your head to defeat these foes.

Hover Bots

Two distinct classes of airborne turret systems - normal and heavy - in several classic “flavors” introduced in Excessive Unreal 2. Get them before they get you!

Summon List

  • summon exupawns1.biobursterskaarj
  • summon exupawns1.biobursterbag
  • summon exupawns1.biobursterpupae
  • summon exupawns1.phasebrute
  • summon exupawns1.phaseskaarj
  • summon exupawns1.phasekrall
  • summon exupawns1.phasecommando
  • summon exupawns1.hoverbot
  • summon exupawns1.sniperhoverbot
  • summon exupawns1.flakhoverbot
  • summon exupawns1.heavyhoverbot
  • summon exupawns1.biohoverbot
  • summon exupawns1.steelhoverbot
  • summon exupawns1.demonhoverbot
  • summon exupawns1.heavydemonhoverbot

Add them to any monster-spawning mutators you use, or get on our server to start facing them right away!

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